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We offer a wide assortment of services and pre-constructed packages designed to best address the needs of our customers and their vehicles. All Package Starting Prices are ESTIMATED TIME SPENT based off a 2-person working rate of $90/hr. First time customers receive 10% off their detail, and every-other detail of the same vehicle receives 15% off!


Interior carpets and upholstery act as a trap for dirt, body oils, allergens, and odor causing bacteria. VVS Mobile takes pride in every shampoo service performed, with the goal of leaving your fabrics fresh, clean, and visibly appealing. The material is pre-treated to breakdown set-in stains and initiate the shampoo process. Exclusive automotive fabric cleaner is applied and agitated to loosen and suspend unwanted particles from the fibers. Hot water extraction is the final stage of this process; my industry leading extractor machine head uses high pressure hot water to kill suspended bacteria and allergens, rinse the fabric, and lift it all away with a high suction vacuum.

Various grades of leather are used in the manufacturing of automotive upholstery – VVS Mobile understands the care requirements for all of them. Fine pigments and coatings over your leather protect the raw hide beneath from spills, stains, body oils, and UV damage. The preservation of this barrier is vital in keeping the feel and appearance of your leather at its best. A delicate cleaning process used by VVS Mobile lifts away dirt and body oils yet is gentle enough to never diminish the properties of these coatings. Exclusive leather conditioner is applied to supplement in spill and UV protection and leave your leathers looking rich and supple. Recommended treatment frequency of 3-6 months.

The little passengers in your vehicle are undoubtedly the most precious of cargo. Keeping a clean, disinfected, and comfortable riding area for them is very important. VVS Mobile uses a combination of compressed air, gentle cleaners, super heated steam, and delicate brushes & tools to completely clean and disinfect the entire car seat – all while protecting the integrity and safety value of its components. All car seat surfaces – plastics and upholstery – are finished with a Ceramic Coating to protect and repel future stains and spills. **This service requires the car seat to be removed for cleaning by the parent – giving the opportunity to perform a thorough routine safety inspection of the seat while it’s out**

VVS Mobile boasts one of the best Ozone Generators on the market designed exclusively for auto interior detailing. Ozone generation is a safe, self-contained process that uses electricity to split bonded oxygen atoms into singular, “unstable” oxygen atoms. These unstable atoms readily bind with the odour-causing molecules within your vehicle, altering the composition of them by the process of “oxidization”. This oxidization completely changes the characteristics of that odour molecule, and as a result, permanently eliminates its odour-causing property. This treatment is extremely effective for eliminating odours caused by cigarette smoke, organic rot or spills, and pet/children accidents that cannot be completely removed with normal detailing processes.

More commonly known for protecting the exterior of your vehicle, ceramic coatings are also very beneficial to your interior components. With plastics and vinyls, ceramic coatings restore a richer appearance, repel water and road salt, and offer better UV protection than standard dressing products alone. When dealing with leather upholstery, ceramics again offer better UV protection than standard leather conditioners, and most importantly, form a hydrophobic barrier to protect your delicate leathers from spills, sweat, and body oils. Even with cloth upholstery, ceramics can form a completely hydrophobic barrier over the woven nylon or polyester fabric. The finished product is a surface that will repel and bead away liquids, preventing stains or soak-ins. Ceramic coatings are offered as an additional service and will be recommended if deemed beneficial to your vehicle.

The yellowish, cloudy appearance to your headlights is called oxidation and is the result of damage to the plastic itself and/or the original clear coat by way of harsh UV rays from the sun. Cloudy, oxidized headlights can reduce your headlight output by up to 80% – not only are these oxidized lenses unappealing, they’re also extremely unsafe for after-dark driving. VVS Mobile uses a multi-stage wet-sanding process to remove the dead, oxidized plastic. The next step is a two-stage polish procedure to correct the sanding cuts and leave behind a now crystal-clear, ultra smooth lens. The newly restored lens is then sealed to keep that new look for years to come.

Modern automotive interior fabrics and carpets are designed with durability and resilience in mind. Particles have a tough time finding their way into these fibers and, as a result, have an even tougher time being removed. Vacuuming alone is never the answer to complete removal of hair from these fabrics. VVS Mobile uses a variety of tools and techniques to “de-shed” your interior while maintaining the integrity of the surfaces the hair has bonded to. This service is included in all VVS Mobile Packages. Excessive amounts will be subject to additional charges.

Bacteria and viruses can last hours – even days – on top of and within the surfaces and fabrics of your interior. VVS Mobile uses market leading compact steam equipment producing superheated steam up to 174 Degrees Celsius. This steam not only kills bacteria and viruses on the most-touched hard surfaces, but is highly effective in the disinfecting of porous materials such as seats and carpet. Upholstery steam cleaning may be substituted for shampoo services for certain fabrics, less soiled fabrics, or areas where the need for eliminating bacteria, odors and allergens is higher.

High-gloss plastic trims and inserts add a sleek and luxurious look to many interiors. These surfaces can become easily scuffed and scratched, taking away from their intended aesthetics. Clear acrylic surfaces, such as our gauge cluster lenses, are also commonly scratched due to improper or temporary cleaning techniques. VVS Mobile uses specialized polishing tools, abrasive compounds, and delicate polishes to smooth out these damaged surfaces and restore them back to or near their factory lustre. Plastic polishing can be performed as a singular service or in conjunction with a full Interior Package Detail 

The plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces of your interior can become damaged, faded, and even cracked with prolonged UV exposure. Regular treatment and added protection to these surfaces is required to keep them looking their best over time – and VVS Mobile offers this treatment as part of any interior package detail. Once surfaces have been cleaned and detailed, an exclusive interior dressing is applied that acts not only as a UV protectant from the harsh rays of the sun, but also as an anti-static film that deters future dust and airborne’s from sticking to your surfaces – leaving your interior looking cleaner and dust-free for longer.

Stored or long-stationed vehicles in our prairie region often fall victim to mice infestation. The waste and messes they leave behind are unsightly and can be detrimental to the health of you and your passengers. VVS Mobile uses the required protection and procedures to isolate, abate, and disinfect the areas or entirety of your interior affected by rodent activity. The result is a sanitized, reclaimed interior that you’ll once again feel safe and comfortable to get around in.


Package #1

Starting at $215
  • Complete Interior Trash & Pet Hair Removal incl. trunk/hatch **excessive pet hair subject to additional time-spent charges**
  • Full Interior Vacuum incl. trunk/cargo area/hatch.
  • Complete Detail & Clean of all hard plastic / vinyl interior surfaces [dash / door panels / console / air vents / cupholders / pillars / etc.]
  • UV/Anti-Static Protectant Application – NON-GREASY to all plastic/vinyl sun-bearing surfaces to protect from UV damage and help repel dust
  • Door Threshold Restorative Protectant Application renews appearance to plastics from years of fading & wear

  • Complete Interior Glass Clean – windows / windshield / screens / mirrors / sunroof
  • Complete Floor Mat Clean Carpet/Fabric Mats = shampoo/stain removal/deodorize/hot water extraction, Plastic or Rubber Floor Mat = Hand wash, rinse, & restorative protect application
  • Driver, passenger, & trunk/hatch door jamb wash & wax
  • Complimentary custom VVS Mobile Air Freshener

Starting at $215

Starting at $230

Package #2

Starting at $280


  • Cloth Upholstery: Shampoo + Steam Clean and/or Hot Water Extraction
  • Leather: Vacuum/Blowout of Stitching +Gentle Overall Clean + Conditioner Application (NON-Greasy Product)

Starting at $280

Starting at $295

Package #3

Starting at $325


  • Pre-treatment/Stain Removal, Combination of Shampoo+Hot Water Extraction of the Vehicles MAIN Carpets (Underneath the Floor Mats)

Starting at $315

Starting at $340


Stay on top of your recently detailed interior! 2 hour mini detail to refresh & re-protect the most-used areas of your vehicle priced between $110 – $150 – *MUST BE BOOKED WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF RECEIVING A FULL VVS MOBILE PACKAGE DETAIL*



*Minimum Package #1 Detail Recommended Prior to Treatment For Best Results*

*Great for ELIMINATING cigarette smoke odours*

Light: 1hr – 2hr

Medium: 2hr – 4hr

Strong: 4hr – 8hr


Vacuum + Shampoo + Stain Removal + Hot Water Extraction OR Steam Clean

Starting at $80

Starting at $100


Clean + Condition

Starting at $70

Starting at $85


$40 / Car Seat

Blowout / Vacuum / Upholstery Steam Clean & Stain Removal / Full Detail of Hard Surfaces / Ceramic Coating to Plastics & Upholstery [Repels & Prevents Future Spills/Stains]


Multi-Stage Wet Sand + 2-Stage Polish + Sealant Application

$40-$50 / Headlight

$50-$60 / Headlight


Cloth/Leather Upholstery + Plastic/Vinyl Surfaces

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